are you tired of waiting ...

in a doctor's office and not being heard?  ...

being prescribed medication that you might not need or want? 

being on the medical merry-go-round?

Would you like to …

feel more emotionally balanced?  Stop getting headaches? 

Sleep well? Digest well? Have the energy you want?

Reduce or eliminate prescription drugs?

Have a strong immune system? 

Handle the stress in your life with more grace and ease? 

Understand what is causing dis-ease in your body-mind?

And do it all naturally ... the body's way?

You CAN!

Your first Quantum Biofeedback session will start you on the journey.

This is a two hour session, with in depth evaluation of your current challenges and also time on the Indigo device, which is a deeply relaxing experience.

After your initial session, you will decide how you want to proceed on your journey back to vitality and well-being.

I offer a series of 5 sessions to begin with.

Sessions are 1.5 hours. They are paid at the first of the 5 sessions and booked within a period of 6 months

Some clients who need or wish to continue on a more long term basis will have the option of a series of 10 sessions.

These are paid at the first of the 10 sessions to be used within a 12 month period.


You also have the option of doing one session at a time, which is sometimes preferred by clients from out of town who are visiting.

Some possible signs of quantum healing in the days after a session are:

  • feeling lighter physically and emotionally

  • more energy and better sleep

  • temporary aches, pains and physical symptoms from detoxification

  • deeply held emotions such as sadness or loss surfacing, which indicates a paradigm shift and willingness to leave old habits and patterns of thought and action

  • release with tears without apparent reason

  • sleep disturbances, unusual dreams indicating that your subconscious mind is communicating and releasing negative energies

  • feeling different, temporarily 'spacey' and un-grounded

  • increased awareness of the quality and quantity of internal dialogue

  • suddenly wanting to clean and organize an area in your house, indicating an inner re-organization and clearing