After my initial Indigo session, which I felt somewhat sluggish and worried throughout, I felt a clear lifting of energy- as though a heavy veil had been removed.

The following week I felt significantly stronger and more confident to make some huge changes in my personal life. In doing so, I have opened space for amazing people to come into my life- and they have in fact shown up!

I am clearer on what I want for myself and how I want my life to be and am so grateful for the shifts. I am more happy and light feeling than I had been for quite a few months!

— Megan B.
Having an Indigo session with Mahara was deeply relaxing and I felt nourished in body, mind and spirit. It also confirmed, on two occasions, what I had learned from an x-ray of my lungs and a stress test for an irregular heart beat.

The session gave me so much more information and potential for my health and healing. I was informed, inspired and empowered.

Mahara is a brilliant practitioner in a technology whose time is come.
— Celeste Y
When a friend suggested I try Quantum Biofeedback with Mahara, I booked an appointment out of desperation. I was facing very invasive surgery and was on debilitating medications.

After the very first session, I felt I had more energy. I started going to appointments every 2 weeks. Within 2 months I weaned myself off all medications! The process was amazing! Mahara taught me how to deal with my stress and to face my life in a more positive manner while directing my body to heal itself through her Bio Feedback system.

I never had the surgery! And four years later – I continue to be drug free. I have so much energy, I have gone back to my hobby of remodeling our home along with full time work as a CEO ... and I can again play with my three grandchildren without tiring!
— Lore P
Thanks Mahara for my Indigo session today!! Definitely have felt some inertia, negativity lift.
Dang it feels just non-stop attention to up-leveling well-being these days!!
— Katie T
After going through the release process last night, today I had more energy than I’ve had for a long time, and felt like a weight lifted, lighter, happier, bounding around, more like myself. Just wanted you to know that. I’m telling others about this work, I’m amazed at how powerful it is. Soon I want to schedule a session for my daughter, and of course another for myself. Colon is already now moving. Awesome!
— Lyra B
Mahara is experienced with all aspects of health, very informed, and very dedicated to her work with Indigo Biofeedback. I have been working with her several years both in person and long distance, and my health and spirit have been elevated.
— Mei Mei B