I have a number of clients around the country

who love to work this way.


And also some cats and horses who don't like to come to the office!


But how does it work … ?!


This is where some very basic knowledge of Quantum Physics comes in …

Bottom line, in the quantum world (which we are all a part of) everything is vibrating energy and there is no time or space. Our limited human brain can't grasp this … but it doesn't mean it does not exist.

Albert Einstein called the ability to affect matter in another location 'spooky action at a distance'.

Similar to this is what is known to quantum physicists as the 'butterfly effect'. A butterfly moves it's wings in Santa Fe and a typhoon is birthed in the Pacific Ocean, as an example.

Another example you might be familiar with is group prayer or meditation with a healing focus.

The tangible healing effects have been well documented.


We don't have to know exactly how something works for it to work.


There is a little device you use every day and are able to instantly contact someone anywhere in the world and have a conversation ... even see them! Your cell phone … do you know HOW it works?


If someone told you of this magical device 25 years ago and that you would have one … would you have believed them?


It is always good to keep your mind open ...