Animals and Quantum Biofeedback

I have worked with dogs, cats and horses over the years and found that their natural sensitivity to energies allow them to respond remarkably quickly. They love the way the frequency signatures feel and demonstrate it by getting very relaxed and often sleepy. Cats usually purr up a storm and all the animals get a dreamy look in their eyes as though they are tuning in to a different reality.


Because we can't talk directly to our furry friends and get answers (unless we have that level of communication), sessions with the Indigo - quantum biofeedback can be an invaluable tool both to help us know what is causing the dis-ease and to retrain the body to function in a healthy way.


Sometimes we may never know what the dis-ease was, but our little friend just gets better. Our human minds are obsessed with having a diagnosis, but as I have frequently found with animals it is often not necessary.

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Testimonial from a Cat

My name is Monday,

"I stopped eating a while ago and got really skinny, which scared Anne - my person. She took me to the vet, where they did lots of tests on me and gave her some horrible medicine to give me - a steroid and anti-nausea medication. My body hated it and they still didn't know what was wrong with me AND it made me throw up.

Then Anne took me in to see Mahara and the Indigo. I really liked how it made me feel lying on the special mat and I purred a lot!  I started feeling better.

I came for a second session. Anne stopped giving me any more of the medications.  After that I had the runs for two days which felt pretty crummy, but then my appetite came back and I really wanted to eat. Then I started feeling even better. I started getting stronger and feeling like myself again. Now I am a handsome cat again and quite buff!"


This is my 'before' photo.

PS My person, Anne, goes to a very smart and caring vet, but she didn't know about the magic mat which just made everything feel right again in my body and soul.'