my philosophy ...

Our bodies, thoughts and emotions are combinations of vibrating frequencies

What you feed your body and your mind are essential to a healthy life

Your body is the greatest physician given the correct information and support

You can live vigorously in to old age, free of medications and enjoy every bit of it!

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‘Out of the Box?'

some background ....

My life started out in England

Remembering a couple of episodes from my childhood in London, I realize I must have always had the 'out of the box' gene.  I was only seven when I became quite obsessed with a puzzling question: if our big black poodle, Jonah left the room and I could no longer see him, did he still exist?  Of course he did, according to parental wisdom ... but I was not convinced!

Intrigued with the notion of infinity...

I would fall asleep at night trying to find the end of the Universe where every 'thing' stopped. I had no luck with that either and only found out much later in life that these are the kind of questions pondered by Quantum physicists!

In retrospect

I see that this mental propensity combined with becoming quite ill, both physically and emotionally at the age of nineteen, laid the foundation for the work I do and love now. Deep depression and suicidal thoughts plagued me as I stepped in to ‘adulthood’.

Fortunately, I was steered in the direction of a holistic approach

I believe my life and sanity were saved back then by a brilliant Indian Naturopathic doctor and Acupuncturist. Had I been in the USA in 2017 in that same predicament, I would have likely spent the rest of my life with a section of my colon missing and a bag to carry around … not a designer one!  I would also have been put on an anti-depressant medication that would have separated me from my spiritual body and would count among its many 'side' effects, 'increased thoughts and risk of suicide', 'violent thoughts and behavior', 'hallucinations' etc. I may not have lived to tell this tale!

Some years later

after exploring other cultures in Morocco and India, I moved to America, settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

I earned a Doctorate of Oriental Medicine from the former International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 1989 and was in private practice for eight years before taking a sabbatical to build a house with my husband. A couple of years later I found myself back in the world of holistic health, when I discovered the remarkable, cutting edge, system called Quantum Biofeedback.

I became a licensed Quantum Biofeedback Specialist in 2002

and have worked with many people seeking an alternative to a broken medical system, helping them discover a more harmonious, individualized and body friendly way to regain wellness.

Most recently I received my training as a BioOptic Holography Facilitator and Life Upgrade Coach from Mastery Systems University in 2017

People say that healing work and art are symbiotic. I certainly fit that model as art and design have been in my genes since childhood. My recent work is at 

Horses have also been a part of much of my life since I was 9 and I spend as much time as possible with my four legged 'kids' who have taught me so much.




You understand that your consciousness is as important as your physical health?

You are looking to shift your life and health?


It is no accident you landed here! 

ready to take the next step?

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To your highest health!


Mahara K. Daniel