Radio interview with Mahara, january 2018

Podcast #3 is on Sacred Eye (Bio-Optic Holography) eye reading

Based in the work of Robert Tennyson Stevens' Bio-Optic Holography, the 'Sacred Eye' reading I do  has roots in Iridology and goes further in to a holistic model where the root of any dysfunction is in consciousness. Sacred Eye readings recognize that our ground of being is sacred and anything less than perfection that we experience is due to a distortion, or a 'glitch' in our perception.

In a Sacred Eye reading, you will discover how your greatest weakness becomes your greatest strength and how your greater mission in life is mapped right in to the iris of your eye.

Your eyes show your sub conscious self.  When you understand and experience where you have chosen less than your hearts desire, you have the option to choose your path forward and your heart’s highest choice. 

With specific coaching related to the map of your eyes you will acquire personal specific tools to go from where you are now to knowing and experiencing what you are here for and your thriving life.


 ‘Sacred Eye’  readings with Mahara

‘I have been seeing a VA Psychiatrist for over 15 years and one hour with Mahara is more therapy than that!’

Clancy Baker - military veteran

'Profound 'see-able' changes in my eyes are just one confirmation and benefit of working with Mahara.  Then experiencing what happens spontaneously, when the empowering statements are re-instated there is such a release. A fast track for shifting dis-empowering beliefs and truly a game changing modality!'

Sweet Medicine – Vision Quest leader and teacher


'Mahara has a very elegant touch reading eyes and I discovered in my reading that she was able to key in quickly to the limiting beliefs that were acting in opposition to my greatest desires in life and then lovingly guide me into my highest choice'.

Katherine Lott – artist and life coach


‘The specific decrees Mahara gave me are creating big waves of positive change in my outer life. The most amazing thing is that in doing them, they have brought me to a very high Spiritual perspective’.

Jeanne Relyea, DOM - artist and healer


“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me;

my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”

~ Meister Eckhart

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